Shiba Inu
has arrived.

He is more adorable, cuter and rewarding than his father Shiba Inu.

100,000,000 $BSHIB
Total Supply
90,000,000 $BSHIB
For Presale on DxSale
10,000,000 $BSHIB
For Promo, Airdrop & Rewards
250/500 BNB

Baby Shiba Inu is Deflationary
and gives you more cuter $BSHIB to hold it!


4% of each transaction is redistributed to token holders - this means you earn more $BSHIB by just holding it in your wallets.


Baby Shiba Inu is not only cute, but every transaction on the network donates a portion to charities chosen by the community to help rescue homeless dogs in need globally.


5% of each transaction is sent into pancakeswap liquidity pools autonomously through our smart-contract.


Decentralized Deflation

The token should promote utilities and at the same time should reward holders, therefore $BSHIB allows the community to win by giving back more and more $BSHIB and all we ask is for you all to - HODL.


Helping Real Shiba Inu Dogs

Shiba Inu dogs are the cutest and our virtual Baby Shiba Inu is on a mission to provide for its real-world brothers as it pledges to donate a portion of burns to charities worldwide governed by our community to rescue dogs.


One Baby Shiba Inu. One Family.

When $BSHIB hits a $100,000,000 marketcap - Baby Shiba Inu will embark on a mission to unite all Shiba Inu tokens and partner with them to unite them all to ultimately have Baby Shiba Inu rebrand to Boss Shiba Inu,

Sensei Predicts for Baby Shiba Inu

$BSHIB's team has made market analysis and have come up with some achievable predictions for it's holders in next 3 months - (Not Financial Advice)


Global $BSHIB Holders


Market Cap


Centralized Exchanges


buying $BSHIB Process & Instructions.

You can go to DxSale platform to contribute desired BNB and get $BSHIB.

Go to DxSale Link

Our team will share the link to our DxSale campaign on twitter/telegram.


Connect MetaMask or TrustWallet

Keep BNB ready in your MetaMask or TrustWallet and make sure the network chain is switched to BSC Mainnet.


Contribute BNB & Receive $BSHIB.

Simply contribute the amount of BNB you want to use to buy $BSHIB and confirm the transaction, once done - you will be able to claim these $BSHIB tokens as soon as the presale ends from the same page.


Parents of Baby Shiba Inu


Baby Shiba Inu Mother

“$BSHIB is my child and I will do everything to make it fly in this world”

Shiro Chan

Baby Shiba Inu Father

“$BSHIB is smart and intelligent on the blockchain, he can become very powerful in no-time”